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Departure Procedures
that we kindly ask of our guests on the day of check-out by 11:00am.

We thank you for being our guest and we hope you come again! Please don't forget to sign our guestbook & leave a review!
Safe travels!


Strip sheets from the beds and leave on the beds. Leave any left over dirty towels in a pile.


Make sure the 2 gate keys and the fob to the condo are left on the counter or hook.


Load any last minute dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but please do not start it the morning of departure. We usually add something to it.


Check all drawers/closets for any personal items that may have been forgotten.


Dispose of ALL OPENED FOOD  in the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets. We can donate or find a home for any unused items. Opened or partially eaten is for the trash! 


Set thermostat to 78. 

Take the trash to dumpster.


Using the keypad, lock the door as you leave.


By 11am, please text to let us know the condo is now empty and ready for us to start cleaning. 

Thank you!

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