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  Frequently Asked Questions


Are golf carts allowed if we rent one in Mad Beach? 

Golf carts are NOT permitted on Madeira Beach Yacht Club property at any time and will get towed.

Golf carts ARE allowed in our Homosassa Springs townhouse community & can be rented. Click to Explore Homosassa!


What do we include in each of our rental condos/townhouse besides the location for your perfect vacation? 


As a guest of ours, we provide 24/7 contact by text or a phone call should you need us during your stay!

Every guest is personally checked in by an owner who is available 24 hours a day at the complex.​ We understand you are eager to start your vacation or very tired from traveling, but we do kindly ask for your patience as we go over important items in our homes and community to save on questions later. We are your point of contact for any and all questions you may have. 

Miss Sea Green Vacations provides a starter of basic essentials for your convenience as you begin your Florida vacation with us. It is your responsibility if you need more than what we provide.

Starter supplies: shampoo and liquid shower soap, liquid hand soaps in kitchen and bath, 2 rolls of paper towels, starter trash bags, 1 water per guest, starter coffee k-cups, Dawn dish soap, starter dishwater pods, starter Gain or Tide laundry pods,  and 3 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom.

Included in our inventoried rental condos/townhouse:  

clean bed linens already on the bed(s),  all cooking and kitchen equipment provided, 2 kitchen dry towels, & beach chairs. Some cleaning supplies may be under the sink, but it is not guaranteed.   


Beachy Blues (1 Bedroom) Condo: 

8 grey bath towels, 4 grey wash cloths, 4 grey hand towels,  2 blue bath rugs, 2 grey bedside rugs, 4 blue & white striped beach towels, 1 hair dryer.  Do not use hair dye or peroxide facial cleaners which ruin our towels and linens. You will be charged a damage/lost full replacement fee.

Condo has a Nest thermostat and an outdoor camera facing marina.

Monkey Island Lookout  (2 Bedroom) Townhouse: 

Our master bath/bedroom has 4 navy blue bath towels , 2 navy blue bath sheets, 4 navy blue wash cloths, 4 navy blue hand towels,  2 navy blue bath rugs,  2 navy blue bedside rugs, 1 hair dryer.  The 2nd bath/bedroom has 4 navy blue bath towels , 2 navy blue bath sheets, 4 navy blue wash cloths, 4 navy blue hand towels,  1 navy blue bath rug,  2 navy blue bedside rugs,  1 hair dryer.  4 blue & white striped beach towels. Kitchen has brand new service for 12 silverware, 4 grey potholders and 4 kitchen towels. There are 3 aqua manatee throw blankets, 1 aqua twin size blanket, 2 navy blue blankets on each bed in the bedrooms.  Do not use hair dye or peroxide facial cleaners which instantly ruin our towels and linens. You will be charged a damage/lost full replacement fee.

Townhouse has a Nest thermostat. 

Florida Air Conditioning Tips:

All rental condos in Madeira Beach Yacht Club are equipped with central air conditioning for your comfort. However, often our guests are unfamiliar with the problem of "FREEZING UP" that may occur because of Florida's high humidity. Our units have a Nest thermostat.

What Causes Freeze-Up?

Running your air conditioning with the sliding glass doors and/or windows & doors OPEN will often freeze-up your air conditioning during humid weather. Also causes us to have enormous electric bills!

How Will I Know When The Air Conditioning Is Frozen?

When your air conditioning stops cooling and it gets HOT in your condo, the likely cause will be that it is frozen up.

What Do I Do When The Air Conditioning Is Frozen?

Unfortunately - you will SWEAT! You need to turn off the air conditioning and leave it off for 24 hours until it thaws out.

Once the air conditioning is frozen up, a service call will have to be initiated, and you may have to go WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING for a day or two until the service technician arrives.

How Can I Prevent Freeze-Up And Keep My Condo Cool?

It's really simple, keep all doors and windows closed and let your air conditioning work.

Air conditioned rooms are just like refrigerators, if you leave the refrigerator door open all of the time, the refrigerator will never get cold. If you leave your rental condo doors/windows open all the time, you will never get COOL! 69 degrees is the lowest to prevent a freeze-up.

Thank you so much!

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