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 Complex Rules & Information

Just basic rules and things to touch on that are very important while in our community, but obviously need to be mentioned and addressed to make it easier for everyone so that there are no questions should a problem arise...

Since we choose to reside and provide vacation properties in a private, gated community, the HOA requires a guest information form to be filled out at least 8 days prior to arrival. At the time of booking, we will need the names of all guests being registered, along with a current address and phone number. The vehicle make, model and tag number are also required for a parking pass. Your booking is not complete until we receive this information from you and will unfortunately be denied by the complex office if not received within the required timeframe, per HOA


Must be at least 25 years old to book.

Golf carts are not allowed on the property at any time.

Limit of 2 cars per unit. No backing into parking spaces. Guests will receive a parking pass (copy of photo ID required prior to arrival date and license plate number) that will need to be on the dash or rearview mirror of vehicle at all times while parked on the Yacht Club property. 

Booked guests will receive an email a few days before arrival with property address and the main entrance gate code. We personally check each of our guests in and meet everyone, and at that time, you will also receive your personal door code to the condo. As a guest of ours, we provide 24/7 contact by text or a phone call should you need us during your stay. 



Both pools open at 8:30 am and close at 10:00 pm. Most of our neighbors live here year round, so please be considerate with excessive noise. Quiet hours are 11pm-8am. If the office or owners receive numerous complaints, you may be required to leave and without a refund. 

No parties/overcrowding units are allowed in any of our condos, as per HOA and the owners. Failure may result in immediate eviction and forfeit of any remaining vacation time with no refund. The HOA has set guest limits per unit and are strictly enforced.

This is a residential community and is not a resort. No one is allowed to stay in the condo overnight if they are not on the registration form, per Home Owners Association. Failure may result in immediate eviction and forfeit of any remaining vacation time with no refund.


The maximum overnight of persons of any age shall not exceed these HOA occupancy restrictions for each size condo, as follows:  Two bedroom (6 persons), three bedrooms (8 persons). Some of our 3 bedroom condos require additional fees of $25 per person per day for parties over 6 people. This ensures the safety of guests and residents in our gated community. Employees monitor the grounds throughout the complex.

Please respect our properties and our entire complex as you would your own. These are our personal homes that we offer to guests. At the end of your stay with us, please leave our condo as it was when checking in. Excessive mess will result in additional fees.  

The finger docks in our complex marina are each marked PRIVATE. Tempting as they may be, guests are not allowed on any of the 81 privately owned finger docks in the marina. They belong to owners and are for the use of the dock owners only. The privately owned floating docks are considered the same as a private vessel/boat and it is trespassing if guests board a floating dock on the finger docks at any time. Fishing is allowed at the 4 fishing piers for guests. Thank you for understanding and respecting our community.

Parents are fully responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.

Our check-in time is set at 4:00 pm (ET) and check-out is by11:00 am (ET). Please plan your stay accordingly, as we cannot accommodate early check-ins or late check-out times due to our cleaning schedules and incoming guests. For example...say your flight arrives at 8:00am, you will not be able to check in until 4:00 pm, so booking for the night before allows you to start your vacation right after landing. 


Doors, sliding doors, and windows are to remain closed while the AC is on.

Please clean lint trap of dryer after each use for optimum dryer efficiency and to prevent a fire. White towels are to be washed separately from colored towels. Dark or colored towels washed together. This avoids the expense of ruining our towels and having to replace. Damage charges could possibly apply for replacement.


Owners are allergic, so we cannot allow animals.

Smoking: ALL MissSeaGreenVacations Condo Vacation Rentals are Non-Smoking. Smoking of any kind, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or marijuana anywhere in the condo or porch is NOT allowed.  Evidence of cigarettes, cigars, vaping or marijuana use on the property will result in a clean-up fine of $200 and will void your stay.  Your entire party will be evicted with no refund of any kind. 

Garbage dumpsters are located in 3 places inside the gated parking areas:

1.  By the main pool 

2.  At the first left turn to exit 

3.  At the 2nd left turn to exit 

Florida Air Conditioning Tips:

All rental condos in Madeira Beach Yacht Club are equipped with central air conditioning for your comfort. However, often our guests are unfamiliar with the problem of "FREEZING UP" that may occur because of Florida's high humidity.

What Causes Freeze-Up?

Running the air conditioning below 70 degrees. Running the air conditioning with the sliding glass doors and/or windows & doors OPEN will often freeze-up your air conditioning during humid weather. Also causes us to have enormous electric bills!

How Will I Know When The Air Conditioning Is Frozen?

When your air conditioning stops cooling and it gets HOT in your condo, the likely cause will be that it is frozen up.

What Do I Do When The Air Conditioning Is Frozen?

Unfortunately - you will SWEAT! You need to turn off the air conditioning and leave it off for 24 hours until it thaws out.

Once the air conditioning is frozen up, a service call will have to be initiated, and you may have to go WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING for a day or two until the service technician arrives.

How Can I Prevent Freeze-Up And Keep My Unit Cool?

It's really simple, keep all doors and windows closed and let your air conditioning work.

Air conditioned rooms are just like refrigerators, if you leave the refrigerator door open all of the time, the refrigerator will never get cold. If you leave your rental condo doors/windows open all the time, you will never get COOL!


Our increased cleaning practices:

  • Cleaned with disinfectant cleaners

  • Enhanced cleaning practices

  • Deep cleaning between each guest stay

  • All knobs, handles, and frequently touched surfaces are sanitized.


To ensure all the kitchenware is properly cleaned, we do request and appreciate that our guests please use the dishwasher and DO NOT HAND-WASH kitchenwares while staying in our condos and to put away only after completely dry so it all stays clean. Please scrape all food left on plates into garbage can before putting in the dishwasher. This prevents the dishwasher from clogging. Kitchenware properly stored will keep it clean. Also, any remaining used kitchenware is put into the dishwasher upon your departure of the condo and we will start it.

Modification: Reorganization of any kind or moving of furniture, moving any of our decor items, moving our dishes into different cabinets, moving wall hangings,  or redecorating of any type within our vacation home is not permitted. These are our personal homes that we have opened for our guests and that we have decorated with our possessions. Most guests are more than happy to leave the rental property in the same condition they found it; the few who don’t are the main reason why we must say this. Most recently, we have experienced this situation and it takes hours to get our condo back together so that it is perfect for our next guests. We do not have time for this, nor do we appreciate it. In most cases, however, people who choose to stay at a vacation rental instead of a mainstream hotel are conscientious travelers who will leave the property the way they found it. Unfortunately, starting June 29, 2021 we will be charging a $200.00 fee if our homes have been purposely altered from how we gave it to you. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation!

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